Program Overview


If you have been in Japan even once, you probably know already the quality of life in Japan goes beyond any other developed countries. People are sincere, great food at affordable price, cities are clean, streets are safe, and many more that you can probably name. However, these are not the reason why we think foreign talents should work in Japan. These are the perks that comes with if you live in this country. What we truly know is that Japan offers tremendous opportunities for foreign talents with international skills, and we believe you can pursue a more interesting career and life here in Japan.

There are two aspects of why foreign talents are valued in Japan.

  1. Lack of human resources in Japan

You can google “labor shortage Japan” to read more about it, and it has been a serious social issue in Japan. Government data published in October 2017 revealed that the country’s labor shortage has reached its most extreme level in more than 40 years. Japan has 1.55 jobs for every applicant. The labor market figures are more indicative of a shrinking pool of workers than a rise in the number of jobs, and this is mainly due to a rising life expectancy and lower birth rates. This is a structural issue that Japan is facing, and it is not going to be solved anytime soon. This opens a new door for foreign talents to find opportunities in Japan, as companies are eager to hire but cannot find enough people.

Graph for labor shortage in Japan

Ref: Japan’s robots stepping up to fill worst labor shortage in 40 years by Japan Times

  1. Importance of international skills in Japan

Finding Japanese products in your country is very easy. Toyota, Nissan, Canon, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic – there are more than 60,000 Japanese companies that run global businesses. On the other hand, there is lack of talents in Japan as aforementioned and it is even more difficult with foreign language skills. While English or other foreign language is a necessary skillset for Japanese companies to expand their business to overseas, it’s not a common skillset locally. In addition, for companies to conduct global business, people who have international experience and cultural understanding are extremely valuable.

Number of international firms from Japan to the world

Ref: Report for Japanese firms overseas investments by Japanese Government (PDF File in Japanese) 

As you may be aware, supply and demand are perhaps the most fundamental concepts of economics. Demand for foreign talents in Japan exists more definitely than ever before, and our company’s mission is to find them from across the globe.


While Japanese companies are eager to hire foreign talents to work in Japan, it is not always easy to find the job unless you are living in Japan or know the culture very well. For a starter, you will need a Japanese resume and a network that will set you up with interviews. Like any other countries, it is normal practice for companies or recruiting firms to not take interviews unless you are already living here. Our job is to build strong network with domestic Japanese companies, so they are open to meet and hire you regardless of where you are right now. We are working with more than 500 companies in Japan that are eager to meet you in Japan.

The importance of first job is all about getting the qualification to live in Japan, the working visa. It gives you the right to stay in Japan to make money, learn more about Japan and language, and then take time to find the next career in Japan. Once you start working in Japan, it truly gives you the experience that you need for better future in this country, and enough time for you to explore various options that will become available for you. The experience is something you cannot have unless you are here, and our program’s purpose is to help you land here sooner than later.

Unless you are here already, it may be difficult to find you the dream job in Japan just yet, but this will be the gateway for you to start a new life in Japan. We would like you to understand that this is only the beginning of your career in Japan, and our role is to help you step up higher.

JESP Career

The Japan Employment Success Program – Career is the fastest route for foreign talents looking to come and work here in Japan. Our team has worked hard to create a wide network of companies who are specifically looking to hire international applicants. We would like to now put you in touch with these large Japanese companies so you can get your Official Work Visa.

Once registered in our program, our experienced Japanese staff will begin creating your new Japanese Resume/CV. During this process, they will also begin creating your profile and applying for your interviews while here in Japan. Our goal is to provide you with as many interviews as you are comfortable with and it is very common for our applicants to receive their full time offer in their first few interviews.

Once you are here in Japan our team will provide you with all of the information and materials that you will need to succeed in your meeting with the Japanese companies. From how to introduce yourself, to what types of questions to ask, we will make sure you are sufficiently prepared in order to make a great first impression to your new employer! If for whatever reason you are unsuccessful in your efforts, then we will be happy to continue working with you in providing a solution to your stay in Japan.

JESP AcademicThe JESP – Academic provides an opportunity for international talents to come to Japan with student visa at affordable cost. Our company as the program sponsor will manage entire process of the program, and to help you successfully come to Japan.

We distinguish our service from other competitors as we make the cost of studying in Japan more affordable by allowing monthly payment of tuition. We also help to introduce part-time job opportunities, so student can make extra money as well as to have broader experience while studying in Japan. We believe this is an important starting point to eventually find a full-time employment in Japan.

We will interview candidates, and select Japanese language school according to available vacancies. We also provide administrative support to apply for Certificate of Eligibility, which is necessary for you to apply for a student visa with nearest Japanese embassy in your area.

We prepare or introduce school dorms for students, and it is necessary for students to live in designated dorm, however, this will ease your burden to settle in Japan as you will find home and friends immediately after arriving in Japan. We will also start arranging interviews for part-time jobs, so you can start working as soon as reasonably possible after the arrival.

To come to Japan as a student is nothing more than a starting point. Our mission is to help you find a way to settle in Japan with a full-time job, and ultimately to become a permanent resident.

JESP Visa ExtensionAlthough our primary goal is to help you succeed as a professional here in Japan, our team is also capable of helping you find a means to stay in Japan beyond a standard tourist visa. There are several options out there for how this can be achieved and we are happy to offer our help for how this can be done.

In some case we have had people reach out to us for immigration advice. We are more than willing to share our experiences with you as far as what we have seen work vs. not! If you situation required legal advice then we are able to put you in contact with people whose primary practice is dealing in immigration scenarios.

As a firm, we have been providing solutions for many foreign talents to come and live in Japan to pursue a new step in their lives. Many of us in this firm are foreigners who decided to start a new life in Japan; what we do is more than our job as it comes from the experience and it is the experience that we truly believe that will change your life for the better forever.