Detailed Program Flow

The process that applicants will go through from application submission until arrival in Japan is as follows.


  1. Apply by submitting the application.
  2. We screen resumes. We will also check if applicants fully understand the program, its terms and conditions, and required costs.
  3. We will send you an application package.
  4. We will announce accepted candidates for the program
  5. Candidate to confirm the participation, and make JPY50,000 payment for Program Entry Fee
  6. We will start process to apply for Certificate of Eligibility, which is a necessary document apply for a student visa. Candidate will submit personal documents.
  7. We will prepare the document to apply for Certificate of Eligibility, and submit on behalf of the candidate.
  8. Certificate of Eligibility will be issued by Immigration Bureau of Japan, and the original copy will be provided directly to relevant Japanese language schools. We will receive the soft copy, and will be sent to respective candidates. (This may take 2-3 months)
  9. Student will agree and sign Agreement on Study in Japan Program
  10. Student will make pre-departure payments (see Payment & Fee page for detail).
  11. Once we confirm the receipt of payment, schools will release the original copy of Certificate of Eligibility for respective students. This will be sent by mail to your home address.
  12. Candidate will submit Certificate of Eligibility and application for a student visa to local Japanese Embassy. (Certificate of Eligibility is necessary to apply for a student visa, and the visa needs to be applied outside of Japan)
  13. For most cases, a candidate will be granted with a student visa as Certificate of Eligibility has been submitted. It will be stamped in passport.
  14. Candidate to purchase air ticket to Japan, and to prepare to come to Japan.
  15. Welcome to Japan!


  1. Students will be issued with a Japanese Residence Card by Immigration Bureau of Japan at the airport.
  2. Student will be instructed or guided to go to the designated school dorm or his/her own apartment.
  3. Register for health insurance, open bank accounts, and register for a residence in respective city (town) hall.
  4. Interviews to get a part-time job
  5. Japanese language placement test will be taken. There will also be school commencement ceremoney.
  6. Japanese language school to start
  7. Part-time job to start
  8. Student will be paying tuition on monthly basis.
  9. At the end of study, students may decide whether to continue with same program or advance to higher level or to look for full-time job with working visa.

Applicant can send the application for the future semester intake up to 6 months from the current semester. For later on semester intakes, we will keep your profile and contact you once the screening period you have applied to approach.We accept applications throughout the year in accordance with Japanese language school semester enrollment periods.

Below is flow chart on Certificate of Eligibility and visa process.

Each Semester Intake and Program Duration

Please note that Japanese Language schools in Japan offer 2 or 4 admission periods in a year. Every school offer April and October semesters as major admission period and some schools also offer July and January semester intakes (Total 4 admission periods) annually.

Each semester intake has different length of duration as all semester must end for its graduation in March of every year. Please see Japanese School page for details.

Approximate timeline for each semester intake are below to help you to consider when to come to Japan.

Application Criteria:

We welcome applicants of all nationalities (except for Japan), age and gender. That being said, below are the quality that we feel important to be successful in Japan :

  • Genuinely eager to learn the Japanese language and culture, and to experience life in Japan
  • Willing to understand and adapt to Japan and its culture
  • Open-minded, polite and humble person with a hardworking attitude
  • Strong will to endure difficulties, and to be independent away from home country
  • Finished at least high school equivalent of education. Having a diploma or a bachelor’s degree will be advantageous to find a full-time job opportunity with working visa
  • Fluent in English. Having some Japanese language skill is advantageous for part-time employment opportunities, but not a requirement.
  • Commitment to the program for full duration of the program

You are not eligible to apply for JESP if you:

  • Have Japanese nationality (hold a Japanese passport)
  • Have overstayed, deported history or criminal record in Japan
  • Are not in good health