Jobs in Japan

Part-time Job

Holders of student visa are eligible to work up to 28 hours a week during regular school period, and up to 40 hours a week during various break periods.

Job interviews

After we confirm your participation with the program, our partner company and we will prepare your profile to be reviewed by employing companies. We work with more than 2500 recruitment firms, big corporations, and business owners to find adequate part-time job opportunities for students depending on their experience, qualification, and language skills. After arriving in Japan, students will be scheduled with interviews with one or more companies.

Students will need to apply for APPLICATION FOR PERMISSION TO ENGAGE IN ACTIVITY OTHER THAN THAT PERMITTED UNDER THE STATUS OF RESIDENCE PREVIOUSLY GRANTED at the airport upon arrival to be able to work in Japan sooner. If you forget to apply at the airport, you may not be eligible to work for 2 or more weeks.

Work schedule and wages

Japanese language classes are usually scheduled for a half-day on weekday, so you can work either in the morning or the afternoon depending on your class schedule. You can also work anytime during weekend as there will be no class.

The hourly wage will vary depending on the region, but it will be same as what Japanese locals would be making at the same place as it is required by law to pay equally.

Below table is simulation for how much money can be made by working a part-time job in Japan.

However, it could be difficult to pay monthly tuition, dorm fee, and all living costs by just working for a part-time job in Japan, and it could be extremely tiring as well. For your better learning experience and life in Japan, we strongly recommend you to bring sufficient money (around USD 5,000) to Japan.

Work types

We will work to look for and arrange job interviews that would suit your qualification, experience, and Japanese language skill. We have relationship with over 500 firms from small stores, restaurants, cleaning companies, logistics company, factories, farms, hotels, IT companies, education companies, consulting firms, financial companies, translation companies, and many others. In some cases, it could take longer time to look for such opportunities due to job opening, location, and other factors.

Below are example of jobs that could be available purely based on requirement of Japanese language skill. (Please note there are other jobs available for different qualification and factors)

  • No Japanese / Basic Japanese

Cleaning staff, catering staff, manual labor in factories, warehouse staff etc.

  • Basic Japanese

Supermarket staff, store clerk , cafe/restaurant staff, etc.

  • Fluent Japanese

Upscale restaurant staff, service staff, hotel reception, convenient store staff etc.


Full time employment

You will have plenty of chance to receive full time employment opportunity while you are in Japan.

Job interviews

Doesn’t matter what is your back ground or educational history, Local Japanese firms are always looking for “Good Candidate”.  We will find you an company that willing to sponsor your employment visa during or after your study.

Many of students have been successfully getting One to Five Years employment visa. Those successful job seekers are always work hard and contribute to their company and it is an great culture of Japan that the local company will always try to look after their staff.

Work place and salary

Since Japan has very strong economy back grand, All the major cities through out the nation have many of jobs. You will find unlimited opportunity in Japan as long as you follow the local business culture and study hard for your language.