Payment & Fee

Financial Aspects of the Program

There are three components of the cost for JESP Academic

①Payment before applying for visa

After interview(s) and confirmation of your participation in the program, you will be required to pay CoE Application fee of JPY 50,000 before the application process for Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) starts. This is to confirm your commitment to participate in the program, and for us to start your application and other arrangement. This will not be entitled for refund as we will start working with schools and employing companies for your future stay in Japan.

Payment after Certificate of Eligibility is granted, before departure to Japan

Result for Certificate of Eligibility will be announced and provided to respective school for each student. We will send the soft copy of Certificate of Eligibility as the proof, and you will be asked to make following payments to complete the process to come to Japan.

A) Fee to receive original copy of CoE : JPY 150,000 – The original copy of CoE will be first mailed to the school that you will be enrolling in Japan. We will send you soft copy of CoE as a proof that it has been granted, and we will process to mail the original copy once we confirm all the payments. This is the proof that is granted from immigration office of Japan that you are eligible to receive a student visa, and you cannot apply for student visa without this document. Once you receive the original copy, you can take this to embassy of Japan in your area to get a student visa stamp on your passport.


B) Program Entry Fee (to register for monthly installment program) : JPY 50,000
– We are the only operator that allows monthly installment payment of tuition, which enables student to come to Japan without a large initial cost to come to Japan. Program Entry Fee is cost for you to be part of our school arrangements that you can pay tuition on monthly basis rather than a lump-sum. This is a new system we have introduced to lower barrier to entry to come to Japan, and hoping to expand to more schools.


C) Registration Fee for career support and job introduction : JPY 100,000
– The most important feature of our program is to help students to find their career in Japan. We help students to write a proper resume, or translate foreign resume into Japanese format to submit. We provide other administrative or translation service to help you arrange interviews. We work closely with big companies throughout Japan, and will be introducing various job opportunities according to your skill and Japanese level.

Regarding Japanese language schooling fees

Although it varies, annual tuition for Japanese language school is usually around JPY 800,000.

Once Certificate of Eligibility is issued to each school, you will make the payment of initial tuition, which is one month worth of annual tuition (annual tuition divided by twelve). We’d like to highlight that when you register for other Japanese language school, you are usually asked to pay annual tuition at once and may be asked for more as deposits or other fees, but with our program, you can pay 1/12th of tuition for the starter.


③Monthly payment during the program in Japan

You will be paying monthly tuition directly to the school.